All your media player needs in one place - a modern alternative to Videojs and Plyr. Supports Html5, D Hls, Dash, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and more to come.

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What is Vime?

Vime is an open-sourced library focused on giving users and developers the best possible media player experience on the web. The idea behind Vime is we want you to control the player, not the other way around. We built all of Vime with that in mind. Thus, we focus on normalizing cross-browser and provider differences, all powered by an reactive/eventful store, modular design, powerful plugin system and much more.

More of a visual or hands on person? We got you. Head over to our playground.


The following is a brief summary of what packages Vime contains and what they can offer. Please keep in mind that this is super simplified and each package is full of treats.

  • Preview: displays custom or provider loaded thumbnails.

  • Lite: lightweight and super powerful media embed at half the cost of traditional player SDK's.

  • Standard: extends Lite with our core player interface that normalizes browser and provider

    differences and gives you access to the store.

  • Complete: this is our greatest offering which extends Lite and Standard with the ability

    to completely customize the player via plugins. We have a long list of plugins we've created already

    for custom controls, settings, tooltips and more!

In case you missed it, you can play with all of these in our playground.

Provider Support

  • Html5

  • Hls

  • Dash

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Dailymotion

Browser Support

Vime is focused on supporting the last 2 versions of all modern browsers and IE 11.

  • Safari

  • iOS Safari

  • Firefox

  • Chrome

  • Opera

  • Edge

  • IE 11 (most likely broken at the moment as no testing has been performed on it)


The main issue with alternative solutions like Videojs and Plyr is:

  • They are not modular/treeshakable and come with too many built-in features that most users simply don't need. This bloats the package size and the final bundle includes useless code.

  • Poor plugin ecosystem or none at all. Plyr doesn't have a plugin system which makes it difficult for the community or devs to extend the player. Videojs has mostly basic plugins and a majority are outdated or not actively maintained.

  • Poor multi-provider support. Plyr only supports Vimeo and YouTube at this time and there is no simple way to add a custom provider. Videojs supports multiple providers through custom Tech but there is technically none supported out of the box. The community plugins that add support for them are outdated and don't work (see videojs-youtube and videojs-vimeo).

  • Both libraries use Player SDKs to integrate each provider which causes additional bloat. Each SDK is repeating mostly the same code for mounting and building the iframe, cleaning event listeners etc. Each can weigh as much as ~10 kB. Thus, after adding only 3 providers such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo you'll incur an additional 25 - 30 kB overhead.

  • Poor documentation. This is mostly directed at Videojs, their documentation feels clunky and difficult to navigate and understand.

  • Lack of testing. Videojs has a good set of unit tests but no e2e tests, and Plyr has no tests at all. This makes both libraries vulnerable to breakage. I'll admit Vime has no tests just yet either, but it is one of our highest priorities.

  • They are not built with modern UI framework capabilities. We've learnt a lot about building user interfaces over the last decade. It's best to not reinvent the wheel and use existing frameworks. Most importantly, they help with providing structure, solutions to common problems, code reusability, improved development experience and a quicker time-to-contribute (time it takes a dev to understand a new codebase and contribute). Plyr and Videojs are completely Vanilla JS. This was likely a conscious decision to make sure the libraries are interoperable between JS frameworks. However, a new wave of compile-time frameworks like Svelte, Stencil and Ember are reducing the costs of choosing to use a framework. Two examples of how not using a framework affects Videojs and Plyr is:

    • Videojs decided to design its own Component class for managing UI state. Besides the fact that it's 1700 lines of code, it's hard to build anything meaningful with it. If you're intending on building complex UI components/plugins for your player, then you simply need to find your own recipe for making it happen.

    • The codebase for Plyr is a jungle with logic tangled up all over the place. For example, understanding 1700 lines of code for just the controls is simply too much.

Think I got something wrong or you can improve what's been said? Create a PR over at our GitHub.


  • Responsive Design. The player and all our plugins are designed for mobile, touch and larger screens.

  • Accessible. All controls and menus are built with accessibility in mind, and VTT captions are supported.

  • Options. There is an option for whatever your use case. Thumbnails preview, lite player embed, standard player for a normalized experience, and a complete system with plugins and all.

  • Lightweight. 0 external dependencies, modular, treeshakable, no additional SDK's loaded for embeds, and compiled with Svelte to have the smallest footprint possible. Sizes ranging from 5.5 kB (min + gzip) up to everything included at 54 kB (min + gzip).

  • Avoid browser inconsistencies. Browsers each approach new API's differently and this can be quite a headache. Vime handles it all so you don't. Enjoy fullscreen, picture-in-picture and more without any pain.

  • Multi-provider support. Don't bother learning a new SDK everytime, just use Vime!

  • Reactive/eventful store. Behind the scences, all properties are a store. Subscribe to anything you like and receive updates in Embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure with realtime.

  • I18n. Internationalization is built right in. Easy to add, extend and change as needed. English is provided out of the box and more languages to come.

  • Portable. The final bundle is Vanilla JS, use it anywhere you like. For an even better experience we'll be building framework intergations starting with React and Vue.

  • Lazy loading. All players are loaded lazily as soon as they are almost in view.

  • Preconnections. Thanks to rel='preconnect' we can establish a network connection early to increase rendering speed of embedded media by up to 224x.

  • Design. A minimalistic, modern and sleek design which you can customize with your own icons and theme. See screenshots above for our base design.

  • Modular Design + Plugin System. Include only the parts you need and benefit from treeshaking to remove the waste. Outside of the core, everything is built as a plugin so you can integrate only what you need. There are plugins for Keyboard shortcuts, Controls, Tooltips, Settings and much more.Embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure with There is even a handy Boot plugin, if you want to use everything with no additional setup required. The plugin system utilizes svelte:component so you can extend the player with the full power of Svelte.

  • Built with Svelte. Enjoy great performance and smaller bundles thanks to Svelte. If you're using Vime inside a Svelte project, we've provided a svelte key so you can compile the player yourself and share the same Svelte internals. This will reduce the overhead cost of Vime, and you get all the benefits of auto-subscriptions since all props are powered by a store.

  • Complete control. Remember, we want you to control the player, not the other way around. We've built all of Vime with that in mind. Pick what you want, extend what you want, interact with what you want, pretty much do whatever you want easily.Embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure with . A portal to a world where thrilling games meet exceptional service, the Firefox Casino login process is designed to be smooth, secure, and user-friendly, ensuring you're quickly immersed in a world of entertainment and opportunity


  • If you're looking for something that has battled the test of time and is reliable today in a large production app, then Vime is not for you. You should go ahead and checkout Videojs and Plyr.

  • IE 11 has not been tested at all. There will definitely be bugs. If this is important to you, then don't use Vime in production just yet.


If you have a question then feel free to raise an issue over at our GitHub and you can start the title with Question:.

Where to next?

You can head over to the playground to play or you can get started straight away.


A huge thanks to our sponsors who support open-source projects like Vime.



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